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One aspect of our continual development in providing resources for Schools is developing positive experiences in RE and contributing to Community Cohesion. In this is instance, it has formed into a Faith Experiences which Schools can enter into. Aware of the financial and health and safety implication of site visits, we wanted to bring the various places of worship in Nottingham to the students in schools. It was decided to apply for funding from CDF to make a series of DVD's that would show the interior of the places of worship of the 6 major world faiths and provide students an insight into the life of someone within that faith by including an interview with a community member. Together with Nottingham Inter Faith Council, the dream was realised.


The Community Development Agency offered grants for Faiths in Action in 2008. This enabled us to film the 6 major world faiths and subsequent interviews. This funding also enabled us to puchase artefacts to help deliver the experiences in the classroom. Finally, funding was secured to deliver a number of these experiences at no cost to the participating school.


The filming contract was awarded to Aura Studios, an independant film production company based at Loughborough University Students Union. The studios has previously worked on projects for 3M, the British Transport Police and the NHS. Filming was carried out on a number of days on site in Nottingham, with all interviews being carried out in a portable green screen studio which was installed in the RS Resources Centre. Design work for the project's promotional leaflet and DVD covers was also outsourced to Aura Studios, using a bank of stills that were taken on filming days.

Sourcing Materials for Experiences

Through this work we have contacted and been introduced to a number of new suppliers, including:
  • DTF - Birmingham
  • Horowitz Books - Manchester
  • TTS
  • Tara Buddhists
  • Hindu Supplies - Leicester
Delivering the Project

Already a number of experiences have been delivered to various schools, with other experiences being booked all the time. Each experience is evaluated by the school customer against the deliverables that are individually created for each session. The centre is in the progress of looking for sustained funding to further develop the project over the coming months.

Supported by The Vine Community Centre, Nottingham City Council, Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottingham Inter Faith Council