Religious Education for All

Following on from a review of the Agreed Syllabus by both the City of Nottingham and County of Nottinghamshire SACREs working party was established which working with Lat Blaylock from RE Today produced a new Revised RE Syllabus

This syllabus was launched online in November 2020 and is for teaching in schools from 2021. Schools who bought into the syllabus have access to resources online which are found on both the City & County Authority websites.

The foreword of the syllabus reads:
Our Agreed Syllabus is the result of the hard work of our consultant and the joint working party made up from members of both SACREs and members of other interested parties. This group was set up to produce an Agreed Syllabus to reflect the changing world in which we live.

By the careful use of our Syllabus we believe that children in our places of learning will gain more knowledge and insights to help them live as responsible members in our society.

RE for 2021 - 2026 in this Agreed Syllabus is an innovative piece of work and heralds exciting times for our young people.

The Syllabus does not appear on our website but can be purchased from the Authority. If you are interested in adopting the syllabus please contact Valerie Jones at valerie.jones @

Supported by The Vine Community Centre, Nottingham City Council, Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottingham Inter Faith Council