Guru Nanak Mission Activity Suggestions

What happens in a Gurdwara
What I have learnt about the Sikh faith
What might you find in a Gurdwara
Work of Guru Nanak Mission

Newark Salvation Army Activity Suggestions

All about the Salvation Army
Clothing with Care Project
Key actions of the Salvation Army
Key facts from the film
Mind map Salvation Army
Poem by Barnby pupils
The difference faith can make
The Salvation Army tries to... in Newark
Various Activities
What goes on in this building
Write about an activity of the Salvation Army Star Awards

Sai Dham Activity Suggestions

How do the Sai Dham help people
Role of volunteers
Sai Dham video worksheets from Carlton Junior Academy
Showing the Diving in everything
Sai Dham volunteer skills
What happens in the Sai Dham Temple

Salaam Shalom Kitchen Activity Suggestions

Can you find reasons why people are involved in this project
My advert for the work of Salaam Shalom Kitchen
The Bridge Centre activity
The use of guests
Various activities
What is offered to guests?

The Friary Activity Suggestions

Follow up questions to the Friary film
Quiz to accompany the Friary film
The Friary Allotment
The Friary unit of work
Thoughts and dreams of a homeless person
Various activities
What can we learn from the servery
What do we find behind these doors

World Views Texts

Buddhist beliefs
Christian texts scrolls
Christian texts for highlighting with tasks
Hindu beliefs
Humanist beliefs
Judaism beliefs
Sikh beliefs
Texts from Islam
Using texts

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